Nexus provides services that extend far beyond advising. Our single purpose is to help you define, execute and accelerate your strategic growth plan—and to provide the support that requires. At the core of our offering is Strategic Targeting Assistance & Resource Teaming (START), a specific, detailed plan to identify market opportunities for your technology and link you to supply chain partners, customers and support resources that can help you execute on your growth plans.

For an early-stage growth company, that often involves identifying barriers to growth such as financing, technical hurdles, market knowledge gaps, and access to channels. This starts with a strategic needs assessment designed to determine the key resources required to accelerate your growth. From there, we provide a START plan to address your specific commercialization needs.

For a large multinational corporation, Nexus serves as a trusted partner in the execution of your external growth initiatives. Our team is anchored by world-class technology and business development professionals with deep domain expertise in emerging sectors of additive manufacturing. We are here to expand your reach in identifying high-value technology partners, strategic investments and acquisitions, and attractive emerging market sectors.