Timothy Fahey brings a rich background in a number of markets and technologies, with business leadership experience in Fortune 500 and early-stage companies as well as significant consulting credentials. He has more than 25 years of experience in strategic business planning, new business development and market entry in both entrepreneurial and executive roles.

Primary Focus Areas: Materials and components for additive manufacturing. Application expertise in printed and flexible electronics, electronics packaging and assembly, touch screens & user interface devices, wearable electronics, and patch-based diagnostics.

Technologies: Conductive inks and pastes, electronic adhesives & interconnects, polymer substrate technologies, stretchable electronics, printed and flexible electronics, additive manufacturing, and 3D printing. 11 U.S. and six international patents.  {Read More}


Network Associates

Due to Mr. Fahey’s career spanning decades in global technical industries, Nexus Consulting can tap an extensive network to create and execute various aspects of your unique strategic plan. Just a few examples of our talent resources are shown here.

Market Researchers – Nexus has employed a number of highly experienced market researchers with access to a broad array of industry databases. For projects involving evaluation of new market entry options, Nexus can deliver detailed data on market size, growth, and trends, along with expert analysis of market dynamics.

Technology Experts – Network associates include a number of highly respected technology consultants in electronic materials and 3D printing. Many of these complement Mr. Fahey’s background, bringing deep competencies in ceramics and metals, 3D printing processes, and electronic component design. When clients seek assistance in evaluating emerging technologies, Nexus can bring world class thought leaders to the project.

Market/Application Consultants – Additive manufacturing can be deployed in a number of market verticals and applications. While Mr. Fahey has experience in many of these, it is sometimes essential to understand a particular market in depth. Nexus is able to access industry experts with deep domain expertise in specific markets. When clients seek to connect with key demand drivers in a particular market, Nexus can make those connections.